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Identity After Loss

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Oh, dear heart. 

Thank you for choosing to invest in you. Sorting out who you’ve become and who you can be after loss can be tricky. It’s also isolating without people who understand. You’ve made a courageous decision to join us this summer. And whether you’ve opted in to participate with us live, the replay, or both, we’re glad you’re here.

You’re going to get the sense of belonging you’ve been seeking, and understand where to start as I walk alongside you. At Learning About Grief, we make sure you receive the validation and reassurance your heart needs. It’s my promise to you that you’ll be held with kindness and gentleness. Always.

Now, let’s bring some ease into your life. I know grief can be exhausting; so, please take care of yourself. Get some rest, and in the meantime, I’ll send you an email with more information. Please be on the lookout for it. 

See you soon!

Sending you so much love,

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Please remember to check your email for more details.

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