Unmarried Widowed Group

Unmarried Widow(er) Group
The First Group for Partner Loss


“It was my first time doing a group meeting, and it helped me get some things off my chest. I could discuss what I’m going through with others experiencing a similar situation.”

-Anonymously Submitted

To the Unmarried Widow(er):

Society and grief communities don’t have a place for the unmarried widow(er). We’re overlooked, unheard of, and pushed aside. You might not have been included in funeral plans the way you’d desired and maybe your “in-laws” treat you differently now. Sadly, lacking legal rights doesn’t help, especially when you’re trying to figure out if you can adopt the title of “widowed.” There are a ton of challenges.

This often leads to feeling misunderstood, isolated, and the worst part: very alone. It’s something I understand well. My name is Ashley, and I’m no stranger to grief. I’ve buried a boyfriend. I kissed my dead fiancé goodbye. (Yes, I’m a two-time widow.) From coping in a world that says ex-boyfriend instead of late boyfriend, to figuring out how to date after loss, I’ve done it all.

People dismissed my pain because we weren’t married. It made the loss feel extra lonely, and I didn’t seem to fit in the typical widowed grief groups. Maybe you’ve experienced the same.

That’s why I started the first Unmarried Widow(er)s Group. Whether you were dating, engaged, or “it’s complicated,” you belong here. 

Allow me to share what I know using my experience, professional training as a death doula, and certified grief specialist to guide you. 

Gather with those who really get you–from an unwed widow(er)’s point of view. You’ll finally feel a sense of belonging, and get the peace, coping help, and support you’ve been longing for.

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“Even if you’re scared, nervous, emotional…whatever, take the step to sign up and join. Grief is so lonely and it doesn’t have to be. It felt good to be among good people who understand.”

-Anonymously Submitted

Topics We'll Discuss:

How do you cope with the “at least you were young,” or “at least you weren’t married,” and the “you can find someone else” responses? There are a ton of not-so-comforting words people offer unmarried widowed hearts.

We’ll discuss how to address people in these frustrating yet heartbreaking situations. You’ll learn how to set boundaries as an unwed widow(er), where to find support, what to say, and how you can support yourself after loss.

Grieving hearts often express a fear of forgetting their person. Yet, sometimes going through pictures and recalling memories can be painful. What’s there to do? This session will discuss memories, ways to continue our love for them, and more.

How do I cope with going to someone’s wedding? What do I do when my person’s birthday arrives, or no one reaches out on our anniversary? There’s a long list of milestone dates and events we face. This session will focus on coping in these moments, if and how you can prep for them, and what you can do to gain peace of mind.

When your partner dies, it feels like a part of you died too. So much of the life you knew, the plans you had, and the present you two held together is gone. This may make the desire to get through the day harder. You might wonder what the “new you” will look like. While you don’t have to figure this out all at once or right now, we’ll discuss getting through life without the presence of your partner. The discussion will address personal value and self-esteem, building your purpose and identity, and regaining you alongside loss.

Dating again might seem unimaginable. How do I learn to love someone new when all I want is my person who died? I feel like I’m cheating on them.

And what should watch out for? I feel more vulnerable these days. Should we engage in a serious partnership again? How do you decide if you’re ready and when to disclose that you’re a widow? 

These are all typical questions to ask. It’s especially common when biology hits, and we consider sexual relationships. We’ll cover these taboo subjects too.

Grief isn’t always all sadness, although it can be. Loss can stir up emotions such as a deep longing to speak to your person, anger, guilt, and resentment. Painful encounters in grief may also include exchanging wedding plans for a funeral or not having a say over your late partner’s possessions. During this session, we’ll discuss the heavy parts many unmarried widow(er)s face.

You’re taught to leave your personal life at home when you enter work, but what do you do when your grief follows you everywhere? Should you tell your co-workers you’re struggling? How do you switch jobs when you’re facing grief, or return to work after having time off? 

Productivity also seems to decline when you’re grieving a significant other. This session will gently give you skills for battling grief at work so you can remain successful.

Your partner may not have died when you were on good terms or under the best circumstances. Even if you had a wonderful relationship, there might be pieces of your grief you haven’t felt safe mentioning to others. Perhaps your person died by suicide, a death from an overdose, or another stigmatized loss. Maybe you discovered secrets and harmful information after their death. While you won’t be expected to disclose any of this to the group, you will learn how to cope with it. We’ll discuss this experience impacts our journey through loss.

When your person dies, you not only lose them, but all who they were to you. Perhaps your soulmate was your confidant–the person you could tell everything to. Maybe it means you no longer have your travel buddy, business partner, best friend, and cuddle buddy. 

We’re going to chat about the secondary losses that comes with grief and what we can do to help soothe the suffering they cause.

More themes inside.

What You Get

Constant Support: You don’t have to feel alone. You have access to a community of grieving hearts like you 24/7. Whether you want encouragement, comfort, validation, or someone to offer a guidance, you can find it here.

Weekly Mentorship & Coaching: The group is run by a two-time unmarried widow (she gets it!). However, she’s also trauma-informed, been in deathcare for 10 years, and brings professional training. You’ll get wisdom plus lived-experience and stories here.

Judgment-Free Community: We’re off social media and everywhere here understands you because they’re like you. We don’t judge, criticize, or dismiss you. You’ll be accepted for who you are, as you are. 

Exclusive Coping Toolbox: From videos to workbooks, articles, and more, you’ll get access to some of the best resources within any grief community.

BONUS: We host special events from virtual movie nights, pop-up talks, holiday grief “parties,” and more.

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What happens when I join the group?

You get the live, virtual meetings plus:

A Private Session

Get a private meeting with Ashley to talk about your loss and ask questions

Receive Coping Help

The Coping Toolbox: Weekly guidance, videos, and more to help you feel ease

Friends Who Understand

Friendships with Unmarried Widow(er)s: People who “get” grief, not dismiss it

App and Desktop

Get away from Facebook and Instagram. No ads but plenty of privacy and safety.

How It Works

Sign Up

You join the community. Once you do, you can book a private session with Ashley (optional). You'll also get immediate access to the online platform where you'll find coping skills. You can chat with others too.

Get Coping Help

Participate in our live, monthly gatherings. It's a valuable opportunity to meet other unmarried widowed hearts while getting support that actually works.

Feel Ease

Feel more at peace as you continue building friendships. Get coping tools you can use for a lifetime.


Less than $1 Per Day (And for unique, useful support)
$ 27
  • Loss-specific group
  • Private 30-Minute Call with Grief Specialist Ashley
  • People who understand your loss
  • Exclusive Coping Tools, Videos, and Articles
  • Desktop and Phone App to Stay Connected
  • Live, Monthly Group Sessions


Yes, Ashley responds personally to everyone in the group, and you’ll always have direct access via the personal chat. Additionally, you get to book a one-to-one call with her if you’d like.

Nope! We’re completely off social media. When you join our group you’ll get a special app with videos, articles, chats, and more that isn’t available on our website or social media platforms.

Because the group centers around helping you meet other unmarried widow(er)s, you’ll gain the most from it by engaging with others. However, we do have members who only read along and listen on the calls. You’re welcome to join the club if that’s you too!

You’re welcome to be part of the group for as long as you like.

You’re welcome to join us for a month. You can cancel and leave the group if you decide it’s not for you. No questions asked.

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