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Join the virtual grief group with 24/7 access and built-in coping support.

At Friendships in Grief, you'll meet people who get you, and learn how to survive the day to day pain that comes with loss.

Grief is love, but it hurts.
Few understand your specific challenges:

Lack of Support
Long-time friendships change when you're grieving and family may not be helpful either. You're often left lonely and without enough support.
Daily Struggles
From the endless piles of paperwork, to sorting their belongings, there are plenty of tasks to do. It's all exhausting, especially when you're struggling to sleep and maintain regular living.
Personal Battles
You feel guilty for being happy or blame yourself for past events. Your emotions and thoughts feel heavy and overwhelming.
Not Knowing How to Cope
Your world feels emptier. How do you continue living without them? Something's missing, and not having your person has changed everything.
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Friendships in Grief gives you:

What’s included?

Plus, it's more than a group.
Here's what's included:

Live, monthly group sessions with Ashley to ask questions, connect with others, and receive comfort

12-month daily support on the app or desktop so you can connect with others any time of the day (or night)

Access to the Coping Tools toolbox and weekly guidance support

Friendships with people who “get” grief – not dismiss it – in a confidential space

Mental clarity, ease, and having your grief acknowledged by people who care

BONUS 1: Receive a complimentary, private one-on-one call with Ashley

BONUS 2: New guidebook released this summer on grief (domestic and international shipping included)

Grief Community App for Support

I recall the sleepless nights and the bubbling anger. There were times I wondered if I wasn’t “sad enough.”
I wasn’t excited to live and no one seemed to understand.

My name is Ashley, and I’m a multiple loss survivor. The earth shattered when my two soulmates died, and afterward, I buried friends and family.

Going through loss gave me a realistic, first-hand experience of surviving someone’s death. I gained insight and coping skills to integrate grief alongside life through it. I then guided other grieving hearts individually and in groups. Over time, they gained ease and felt supported.

That’s why this community is important. When grief goes unattended, we risk losing more long-term: our desire to live, the ability to make sound choices, and the desire to dream.

Getting the care you need allows you to live life again as you carry their memory and love with you.

Words from Our Community:

“About a week before the one-year anniversary, I found the account @LearningAboutGrief. Ashley offered an online grief group that I decided to check out and join. It really helped me, and I became Instagram friends with Ashley. She has been a huge supporter this last year. I can’t thank her enough."
Grief Group Testimonial
Grief Groups Work

How to Join

Sign Up

Join the community. Get live support, friendships, events, and resources. The community being all year-round gives you comfort for death anniversaries, holidays, and everyday living.

Get Coping Help

Participate in our chat conversations. It's a valuable opportunity to meet others and feel validated. You can ask questions and get support from resources that meet your specific needs too.

Feel Ease

Receive mental peace as you navigate grief and gain coping tools for a lifetime.

Get Support Right Away

After joining, you’ll receive access to our supportive community.


$ 27
  • *Guidebook Not Included
  • 24/7 Support Available to You


$ 249
  • 24/7 Support Available to You
  • Be Supported All Year Long
“About a week before the one-year anniversary, I found the account @LearningAboutGrief. Ashley offered an online grief group that I decided to check out and join. It really helped me at that point, and I became Instagram friends with her. She has been such a huge supporter this last year, and I can’t think her enough. If you are on a grief journey yourself, I would definitely check out her website and follow her on Instagram.”
Family loss survivor

Finding comfort in grief is hard but we make it easier.

Join Friendships in Grief today to gain the support and care you’ve been missing.
We’re here to help you through this journey.


About the group:

Death doesn’t discriminate and neither do we. Regardless of how much time has passed, if you’re grieving the death of someone, we welcome you.

Our group offers live, monthly sessions, in-group text chat, resources, and occasional events.

The group is not on Facebook. It can be accessed on your desktop or the mobile app (Android and iOS).

Yes, the group is designed so that you can meet people who share a loss similar to yours and connect with other survivors too.

How to participate:

No. We’d love to have you live, but it isn’t required. Many grievers within our group find it supportive in other ways. You can chat online in groups or privately one-to-one. 

The live sessions are 60-minutes long. The virtual chat group is available to you at any time.

To protect your privacy, sessions are not recorded.

Our group has people across the globe. Sessions are held at various times to accommodate this and working hours. Members are notified in advance of when they’ll occur.

Assistance and Support:

Ashley responds directly to members in the group and live sessions. If you’d like private, one-on-one support, please consider booking a grief guide session.

Yes, people from around the world join our community.

Domestic and international shipping is included.

We’re still seeing slower than normal mail delivery times, especially for our friends who live internationally. The new guidebooks will be released late summer. Please allow 4-6 weeks after then to receive your book. If you haven’t within this time frame, please email us.

No refunds are processed at this time. 

Please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help you.

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