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Ashley Olivia Nelson became a two-time widow before the age of 35. She said goodbye to ten other relatives and friends in between those losses. These deaths, alongside her 10-year career in the health and deathcare industry, gave her deep insight into life after loss. Today, as a certified grief specialist, she leads Learning About Grief. The organization offers loss-specific groups, one-to-one private grief sessions, and free education to over 25,000 people from 50+ countries. You can find her on learningaboutgrief.com.

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Signature Talks and Interviews

Those inside the grief community often get confused about the five stages of grief. It doesn’t seem to fully resonate. That’s because the stages came from research done by observing people who were dying — not those grieving the dead.

In her signature talk, Is it Normal?, Ashley debunks the myth of the five stages of grief and what “normal grief” is. Participants will compassionately understand what heart posture to hold instead.

Life is hard as a widow, but twice? What’s the journey of being a widow, learning to love again, and finding hope for the future?

Ashley gives the widow community heart-centered guidance on surviving the death of their soulmate, whether they were dating, engaged, or married.

Because many companies and professionals aren’t sure how to connect with the bereaved community, they miss out on key opportunities to build their businesses and serve others.

Ashley teaches the critical factors needed to resonate with vulnerable populations. You’ll learn how to implement an empathy-first approach as you build customer and client relationships.

Many people surviving a loved one’s death aren’t sure how to live without them. While that’s a normal response to grief, we often struggle with it. Society, friends, and family often lack the resources to properly support a grieving heart, too. 

Ashley offers in-depth grief education, practical tools, and empathy on how to personally lessen the load of grief for ourselves and others. 

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