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Grievers don't have to move on
As someone experiencing loss, hearing the words “move on” is painful. How do you let go of the person you loved? It's okay (and normal) for grief to be carried into the future.
Grief doesn’t have a timeline
Grief evolves. It changes from the first year to the second. Then again as different life stages and milestone events arrive. It’s not uncommon for people to feel the emotions of grief years after the loss, too. Grief doesn’t end after the funeral.
Grief doesn’t have stages
Everyone experiences loss differently, including those grieving the same person or a similar relationship. There’s a common myth that people grieve in stages. This came from research done by observing people who were dying — not people who were grieving someone dying. Still, there aren’t stages to grief and the process isn't tidy or linear.
Grievers deserve helpful support
Those grieving often lack the support and space to express their pain. This can make everyday living hard. That’s why Learning About Grief offers ways to cope and help someone through loss. When grievers receive the care they deserve, we normalize death's impact and create safety within loss.

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I am grieving.

If you're surviving the death of a loved one, our community would love to support you. We're sorry you have need of these resources and we're here to help you carry through.

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I am supporting someone grieving.

Helping someone grieving may leave you feeling confused and helpless. How do you offer support that feels comforting? Check out our support page to learn how.

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Topics of Interest

Unmarried Widow(er)

Did you experience the death of a significant other you weren't married to? We have a place for you.


Whether you consider yourself young, old, or in between, losing a spouse is challenging.

Sibling Loss

Surviving children often get overlooked when a sibling dies. Here's what we can do.

Parent/Grandparent Loss

Losing someone who has always existed is challenging. Learn more about losing a parent figure.

Child Loss

Losing a child is often referred to an "out of order" death. If you need help coping, there's support.

Friend and Family Loss

Extended family and friends can have a significant impact on our lives. Let's acknowledge this.

How to Get Support

Grief Group

Imagine speaking to a group of people who understand grief. Join us virtually at Friendships in Grief, the online grief group for grievers. All are welcome.

Personal Grief Guide Sessions

Your grief journey may look different from others, even if they're experiencing the same type of loss or grieving the same person. Get support that's personal to you.

Stories and Education

Interested in reading about loss? Want to know more about a specific challenge in grief? Read our articles and stories.

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Become a Partner

If you or your business helps those within the death and loss space,
let's see if there's an opportunity for us to support them together.
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