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An online grief group that can relate to your woes, pains, and challenges.

Grief sucks and surviving it is lonely.

People often don’t know how to support someone grieving, especially as time goes on. That’s why Friendships in Grief is here for you. We listen to your vents, struggles, and offer guidance to ease the suffering when you need it.

The Hard Emotions

We talk about dealing with guilt, shame, anxiety, loneliness, fear, and so much more that non-grievers don't understand.

The Grief Journey

Get tools for dealing with broken friendships, identity loss, and other grief challenges.

True Self-Care

You don't have to be all things, to all people, always. Come learn what real self-care is beyond journaling and bubble baths.

Stress and Overwhelm

Grief likely has shifted your world. You'll receive practical support for daily coping.

What does the group include?


Small group sessions throughout the month: Join any one to meet people who get it. Receive the validation, courage, and friendships you need.

Videos + Exclusive Acces

Listen or watch along to gain the support you need. You'll get the recorded events, custom guidebooks, and direct access to Ashley for address your grief-related struggle.

Genuine Mentorship

Ever read or listen to something on grief that resonated, then asked, "Okay, now what?" You have all the info, but still don't know what to do. Our group shows you how to apply skills so you can finally experience relief and clarity after loss.

Desktop and App

Get away from social media and trolls. We don't have ads, either! Just 'lots of safety. Best part: you can connect with someone 24/7 from anywhere.

What Members Say . . .

"I have found that help in grief is a crap shoot. You have to try things to see if they work. One therapist told me to 'look for the silver lining.' I kind of snapped at her with that comment. There is no silver lining in losing the most important person in my life.

Ashley's posts alone can keep me going on a rough day. The group has been a huge help for me as I work through my second year of loss. I have several of her posts hung up in my office to keep me going and to educate others about grief and her program.

I have also told several friends in grief about her. She has a great deal of knowledge about grief after having several losses in her life, and her insights have helped me look at the many challenges I am facing in a new light. The one-on-one calls with Ashley are amazing, as are all the groups she leads. I have attended a few of them and look forward to attending more." -Current Member

I recall the sleepless nights and the bubbling anger. There were times I wondered if I wasn’t “sad enough.”
I wasn’t excited to live and no one seemed to understand.

Hello, I’m Ashley, and I want you to know that I am no stranger to grief. As a health and death care professional since 2013, I’ve worked with hundreds of grieving individuals and families. But my personal losses gave me a deep, firsthand understanding of what it means to survive someone’s death.

I get what it’s like to go through the difficult emotions, the year of firsts, loss of friendships, and the other challenges that grief brings as you rebuild your life. 

That’s why I combine my personal experience with my professional training and education. Genuine empathy and expertise makes a real difference when you’re desiring a sense of ease and support. I’ve witnessed it.

Yet, I also know when grief goes unseen, it feels overwhelming and lonely. You might feel burdened with guilt, feel a loss of identity, and feel fearful or hopeless. Please know it doesn’t have to be this way. You can get the care and support you need. I’m here to help you every step of the way.

When You Get Useful Support
It Makes a Difference

Grief Group Testimonial
Grief Groups Work
Grief Group
“About a week before the one-year anniversary, I found the account @LearningAboutGrief. Ashley offered an online grief group that I decided to check out and join. It really helped me, and Ashley has been a huge supporter this last year. I can’t thank her enough."

How It Works

Sign Up

You join the community. You'll get immediate access to the online platform filled with gentle, yet useable guidance.

Get Coping Help

Participate in the conversations. It's a valuable opportunity to safely meet other grieving hearts who understand you.

Feel Ease

Gain peace as you continue building friendships and getting supportive tools that can last for a lifetime.

"Mentioned doing a lot of grief work. I joined a grief share group in January that ended in April. I also went to a therapist. The grief share group was helpful but the therapist was not. So, I joined this group and I find it helps me more than grief share or therapy." - Member


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“About a week before the one-year anniversary, I found the account @LearningAboutGrief. Ashley offered an online grief group that I decided to check out and join. It really helped me at that point, and I became Instagram friends with her. She has been such a huge supporter this last year, and I can’t think her enough. If you are on a grief journey yourself, I would definitely check out her website and follow her on Instagram.”
Family loss survivor


About the group:

Death doesn’t discriminate and neither do we. Regardless of how much time has passed, if you’re grieving the death of someone, we welcome you.

Yes, the group is designed so that you can meet people who share a loss similar to yours and connect with other survivors too.


Ashley responds directly to members in the group and live sessions. If you’d like private, one-on-one support, please consider book a grief guide session.

Yes, people from around the world join our community.

No refunds are processed at this time. 

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