Our Purpose

Breaking the “us” and “them” grief barrier: the only problem in grief.

Often, the bereaved are too hurt and exhausted to explain how they need to be helped (if they’re lucky enough to know).

And those who are supporters in the process struggle with appearing insensitive because they don’t know how to help or give comfort.

The bereaved become more exhausted and silent in their pain — pushing away the people they need support from.

While those who want to help, give up or distance themselves — enlarging the gap.

This vicious cycle leaves the bereaved alone and misunderstood during the times they need the most support.


1. Grief shouldn’t be awkward and uncomfortable.

2. You don’t have to explain why you’re entitled to your grief.

3. Those who desire to help can learn how.

This website is not a substitute for professional help and counseling; and is not operated by a mental health professional; however …

It is a place where you, the bereaved, will be validated in your experience, acknowledged in your pain, and given a deeper insight about how to live with your grief.

It is a place where you, the supporting family member or friend, will find guidance on the kind of help your bereaved loved one needs and how to give it comfortably and confidently.

Learning About Grief Helps:

The Grieving Person:

  1. Find Understanding
  2. Receive Comfort
  3. Get Validation

The Supporting Family and Friends:

  1. Find Resources
  2. Receive Guidance
  3. Have the Knowledge They Need


I hope to serve as the missing link in our broken grief culture.

I hope that as a supporting friend or family member, you ask questions, read a ton, and gather the information you need to help the person you love.

I hope that you, who are dealing with grief, can begin to live in peace and with ease alongside your loss.

No two people grieve the same, but we do share common experiences; and with that, I say to you, “I get it. I’ve been there, and I am here for you.”

May you and I come together as we navigate our new lives after loss.

Let’s honor those who have gone before us, and not allow good intentions to go to waste.


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