When it comes to grief, receiving a ton of information at once can feel overwhelming. Social media is often a helpful go-to resources to connect with others, feel validated in our loss, and learn about grief. 

Here are a few Instagram accounts we recommend that you check out and follow as you navigate this challenging journey.

Meera Shah | @yournewnormal1

Meera became a motherless daughter at age 20 and uses her Instagram page to share original quotes about the grief experience and occasionally, how to support the bereaved. If you’re looking for validation and wondering what others go through on this difficult journey, Meera’s page may be helpful to you.

Glitter and Grief | @glitterandgrief

This Instagramer creates creative videos that express how countless bereaved people feel in loss. She captures it in fun ways that also are relevant and validating.


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Im sorry if you’re experiencing or experienced invalidation of your grief and feelings with losing a loved one. I sadly think it probably has happened to most of us in one way or another. “But you weren’t family.” “Wait… it’s been how long?” “It could have been worse.” “At least you were able to…” “It’s great that you seem to be moving on.” “Keep smiling. It’s what they’d want.” “Oh, I didn’t realize you were close.” “At least you still have….” “You’re going to be fine.” “Wow, I’m sure was hard.” Anyone rose have an example or something said to them they’d like to share? #griefquotes #griefjourney #griefsupport #grieving #grievingdaughter #grievingquotes #invalidation #yourfeelingsarevalid

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What’s Your Grief | @whatsyourgrief

This account is operated by two mental health therapists who specialize in grief. If you want to follow people in the field who can provide psychological insight, this is a worthy follow.

Grief Shine | @GriefShine

Alexa offers helps to the bereaved and their supporting friends and family. She speaks of what it feels like to experience loss, and provides suggestions on how others can be of comfort.

Heather | @wellnessandgrief

A bereaved, stillbirth mother, Heather has been sharing her journey through loss. As a certified holistic health coach, she adds in ways to maintain good health and fitness — even in loss — and is a source of education for those in bereavement. This past summer, Heather led a grief group book for anyone who has experienced loss and it proved to be beneficial to so many in our Tender Heart community.


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Grief writing – entry 6. Kindness is moving my body regularly. Kindness is wanting to go out in nature on the weekends and then actually getting out into the woods for a walk on Sunday afternoon. Kindness is committing to the things that make me feel alive. Getting into the cold ocean for at least 10 minutes every single day. Allowing that cold water to reduce my inflammation, lift my mood, and better my nightly sleep. Kindness in grief is not only pursuing self care, but pursuing the comforts in life that make and keep me happy, cozy, and safe. Kindness in grief is buying those shoes, and exchanging that hoodie for the one I like better, and asking for slippers for my birthday in July. Kindness to self is not caring what everyone else thinks, but putting what I need first, even when that’s confusing and unorthodox to those on the outside. Kindness is seeing clearly the truth in the strained relationships and still doing what I want. Doing what protects my feelings. Kindness is taking and participating in this writing course. I do a lot to be kind to myself. I have more to do. Kindness is giving myself more grace for my choices wanting a natural homebirth. Kindness is forgiving myself for not knowing any better as a first time mom. Kindness would be stopping feeling guilty for trusting my midwives. Kindness would be accepting that I was doing my best while laboring at home. Kindness would be stopping myself from stressing about being 40 and struggling with more infertility. Kindness is a mantra that helps. Kindness is knowing I did nothing wrong.

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And, of course, we’d love you to join this website’s Instagram page at @LearningAboutGrief where we provide comfort and validation to Tender Hearts and understanding to our Supporting Souls.

Who do you follow on Instagram? Anyone we should know — or is that person you? Please let us know in the comments.



  1. The Grief Recovery Handbook is great for helping to heal the pain of grief, and When Children Grieve helps to give you the confidence to support grieving children.

    • A. Olivia Nelson Reply

      Thanks for the recommendation, Maria. I will have to check out these resources. I’m always looking for things that help.

  2. Hi Olivia, I just published a grief support app called “Grief Refuge”, It shares something new every day to help provide comfort and support on the isolating journey called grief. It might be something that you’d enjoy reviewing? Thanks. Reid.

    • Hi Reid, thanks so much for reading and stopping by. I am following you on social media and your content is really helpful. Please let me know what you have in mind. I’d love to help.

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