We understand even when others don't.

Be part of a friendly community of grievers who give each other comfort and a listening ear.

Offerings for You

Best for understanding, normalizing,
and talking about your grief within community

Is It Normal?
6-Week Program

In this caring community, we embrace the myriad of emotions, uncertainties, and countless secondary losses that often go unnoticed or misunderstood after loss.

We prioritize your unique journey, ensuring that your experiences are validated, normalized, and honored. This person-centered group offers a safe space with unconditional support.

We understand the hesitation that stems from concerns about judgment, criticism, or feeling drained. Rest assured that you will only find empathy and kindness here.

Best for if you want to build confidence,
and discover a sense of self

Identity After Loss
3-Sessions Program

After someone has died, you might struggle to find your sense of self and identity.

It feels like a part of us died when they did, and trusting ourselves and knowing who we are is confusing and scary.

Identity After Loss is a gentle and safe exploration of discovering who you are and defining yourself after loss. 

You’ll gain the confidence and self-validation needed. Join us for three sessions focused on your self-discovery.


Best for when you're wanting to "live again" and find purpose as you carry your loss with you

Nurturing Hearts Fellowship
12-Week Mentorship Program

Ever wish you had a mentor who’s lived through what you have to guide you? Nurturing Hearts Fellowship offers a mix of individual and group support over 12 weeks. 

You get a blended mix of personal sessions with Ashley and come together with a group of grievers on a similar path as you.

Those who have weathered the storms of grief and desire to slowly start living again alongside loss deem our fellowship as the griever’s safe haven.

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