Finding Yourself Again

Finding Yourself Again: Redefining Your Identity After Loss Without Forgetting Your Person

Your person died, and now you’re left to survive it. Which, if we’re honest, can be a bit scary. Living again feels like leaving them behind or disrespecting them. The guilt piles up, and so does the fear of forgetting them as time passes.

What doesn’t help is that the future you felt you somewhat knew has become unthinkable. It feels uncertain, unwelcoming, and confusing.

You’re not alone in experiencing this. I went through a similar journey in the early days of my loss. I’ve also seen others I’ve worked with battle this. But because they and I have overcome it, I know you can get through it too.

(If no one else told you: It helps to have someone who’s been there to guide you. It’s the best shortcut grief can offer you. It also ensures the support you’re giving is realistic for your grieving heart and works.)

So what are our options for getting through this? You know feeling stuck in this place only makes life harder. You’re more exhausted, isolated from others, have lost interest in things you love, and perhaps, wonder what the point of being here is.

That option creates a deep sense of hopelessness and increased sadness.

The second option is gaining the insight you need for 1) finding yourself after loss and 2) making sure doing so doesn’t erase the memories and love you have for them.

That’s why we’re doing a special event for you. In this 90-minute event, you’ll leave having the skills to:

  • Explore your values, beliefs, and passions
  • Create ways to keep your loved one’s memory alive
  • Learn how to comfort yourself without forgetting your person
  • Discover new ways to remember and celebrate your loved one

You’ll also get the following:

  • A mini workbook to help guide you
  • Practical steps you can take with others or alone
  • A gentle meditation to ease your mind and heart

When is it?

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The live, virtual meeting is 90-minutes. The event will not be recorded to protect your privacy. Please see the times below.

January 25, 2023

6:00 pm PST
7:00 pm MST
9:00 pm EST
1:00 pm AEDT (Thursday in Australia)

Get notified for the next one:

What You'll Get

A mini workbook

Practical coping help

Grief education

A calming exercise

Save your spot

No. The meeting will mostly resemble a webinar. It’s educational, with time for Q&A at the end. If you want to share your experience or give feedback, you’re welcome to but that isn’t required.

Sure. The meeting will give you information you can do privately during and after the session. You aren’t required to chat with others.

Yes, you’re welcome to ask Ashley questions live in session or submit them ahead of time for her to answer.

No. This meeting will not be recorded. Therefore, a replay will not be available. At this time, no refunds will be processed.

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