No two people grieve the same. Give your loss special care with personal grief support.

Imagine having someone sit with you in your grief, who acknowledges all its parts, and validates how you feel. Someone who's been there and can gently guide you through so you don't have to be completely alone.
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Having private sessions specific to your loss and experience helps you:

"Anxiety Decreased"

After my loved one died I was completely lost. I felt like no one "got me" and I suffered from high anxiety. I had no clue how to tend to my grief, get out of bed, and figure out who I was. Sleeping was a problem, making friends was scary, my list goes on. Ashley at Learning About Grief was a gift. Her sense of empathy and compassion helped me feel seen and heard. After a few guidance sessions with her, my anxiety decreased and I learned how to cope and move forward with my grief. Life feels more hopeful these days and I live a life I'm happy to wake up to everyday. ~Brittney

"Calm my nervous system"

I am truly grateful to Ashley and her grief guide sessions. I was lost after my husband died and therapy was not helping. Her experience with grief and loss of her persons as well as her vast knowledge on how to navigate through grief, deal with the trauma, and calm my nervous system with various somatic practices was exactly what I needed to get through my first year of grief. ~Becca

"Help Navigating Everyday Life"

I knew i wanted to speak to a grief specialist at some point. I happened to come across Ashley’s IG account and was immediately drawn to it. It was warm, welcoming and I related to a lot of the content. After following her for a bit, I knew I should schedule an intro call that she offers for free! After that call, I knew I wanted her to guide me in my journey. Fast forward a year later and I can say I am proud of myself for getting this far and I'm always learning. She has given me many tools and resources to help navigate everyday life while carrying around grief. I will forever be grateful for her. Thank you Ashley! ~Anonymous

Why is grief so hard?

We struggle with external challenges (people who lack empathy, a society that doesn’t talk about grief, and all other life’s circumstances). We also face internal challenges: lacking boundaries, people pleasing, guilt, shame, and more. 

That’s why it’s important for you to develop healthy ways to cope. When we don’t address loss, we risk more overwhelm and deeper suffering.

As your grief specialist, and someone who understands loss, you can have me walk alongside you. We’ll softly carry the hard pieces of grief. You’ll get to talk about your person, be supported in this new life without them, and receive the loving comfort you deserve.

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Things we can focus on:

Private sessions are personalized for you. Additionally, common topics are:

I'm Ashley, and I'm no stranger to grief and helping gentle hearts like you.

Condolences are nice, but they don’t make you feel better. I experienced this repeatedly through a series of losses: when my soulmate died, when my aunt and uncle died, and later, through the loss of my second soulmate, grandparents, and friends. Grief and l are well acquainted.

Hi, I'm Ashley . . . and I've worked with the grief community since 2013.

Condolences are nice, but they don’t make you feel better. I experienced this repeatedly through a series of losses: when my soulmate died, when my aunt and uncle died, and later, through the loss of my second soulmate, grandparents, and friends. Grief and l are well acquainted.

But sadly, people don’t know how to support someone grieving. This isn’t on purpose, I believe. It’s because we don’t speak about grief. But sadly, this means grievers don’t get to have honest conversations about life after loss. 

That’s why I’m here to support you. As a Somatic and Approved Internal Family Systems Practitioner who specializes in grief, you’ll have the combination of working with a professional who really gets it. Let’s bring you the reassurance, comfort, and support you need.

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Training & Certifications

  • Treating Complex Trauma & Using Somatic Techniques (Arielle Schwartz, PhD, CCTP-II)
  • CBT and Exposure & Response Prevention of Anxiety (Elizabeth DuPont Spencer, LCSW-C)
  • Grief Educator Program (David Kessler, MA, RN, FACHE)
  • Death Doula Certification (Going With Grace, Alua Arthur)
  • Internal Family Systems (Derek Scott, RSW; Mel Galbraith, RSW)
  • Comprehensive Internal Family Systems Clinical Application (Frank Anderson, MD)
  • De-pathologizing Grief (Central Oregon Association of Psychologist)
  • Understanding Traumatic Loss (Keith Gibson, PhD; Litsa Williams, MC, LCSW)
  • Intensive Trauma Treatment & Somatic Based Interventions (Arielle Schwartz, PhD, CCTP-II)
  • Healing from Deeply Internalized Judgment and Rejection (Shelly Harrell, Ron Siegel, PsyD)
  • Undoing People-Pleasing Nervous System Patterns (Deb Dana, LCSW; Rick Hanson, PhD)
  • Dissociation and Complex Trauma (Pat Ogden, PhD) 
  • Applying Mindfulness to Life and Work (Jack Cornfield, PhD)
  • Healing from Rejection and the Pain of Abandonment (Ron Siegel, PsyD; Kelly McGonigal, PhD)
  • Working with Shame-Based Trauma (Bessel van der Kolk, PhD; Bill O’Hanlon, LMFT)

How does it work?

Let’s keep it simple:


Book your free call with me. You can ask me questions and gain information to see if you’d like us to work together.


You decide to book your first grief guide session and choose a time that fits with your schedule.


We work together and you gradually feel supported, understood, gain clarity, and learn how to cope as you carry your loss.


Most frequently asked questions with answers

Before we have any private grief sessions, you and I will have a 15-minute phone or video conversation. This is at no cost to you and you’re welcome to ask questions.  

I believe it is necessary for you to feel comfortable with anyone providing you grief support, and I want to ensure I can offer what you need. This conversation allows us to determine if we’d be a good fit or for me to possibly point you in the right direction if you need a different option. 

*Special note: This 15-minute conversation is not a grief session. It is only used to gain information and determine fit. Please note: I am unable to service people under the age of 18 at this time.

No, I offer grief guide sessions for the death of any relationship and non-death losses (because we grieve those too).

Additionally, because of guilt or shame, I understand that those who’ve experienced a stigmatized loss such as a breakup, or death by suicide and overdose may struggle to reach out for support. Please know you’re welcome here. Your loss matters too.

Note: At this time, I do not offer grief support for people under 18-years-old.

You will be sent a secure and unrecorded video link. No sessions are held in-person at this time.

As my client, you also get free access to Friendships in Grief, the digital platform and app filled with grief support.

The platform includes articles, videos, and live groups to help guide and comfort you after loss.

Session length: Each session is 50 minutes.

Should you need additional support, I offer a 10-minute check-in outside your normal session for particularly distressing weeks. For example: if you have a session on Tuesday and would like a check-in call on Friday on your loved one’s birthday.

How long we’ll work together is determined by you.

I love being committed to helping people who are curious and open to facing their life after loss. Your investment per session is $85-$130, as I work on a sliding scale to offer financial assistance.

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