Finally, a virtual grief group:
built with comfort and people who understand you.

Surviving Loss Is Lonely and Isolating

People often don't know how to support someone experiencing loss, especially after the funeral. That's why Friendships in Grief is here for you.
We'll gently guide you with:

"I have found that help in grief is a crap shoot. You have to try things to see if they work. One therapist told me to 'look for the silver lining.' I kind of snapped at her with that comment. There is no silver lining in losing the most important person in my life.

Ashley's posts alone can keep me going on a rough day. The group has been a huge help for me as I work through my second year of loss. I have several of her posts hung up in my office to keep me going and to educate others about grief and her program.

I have also told several friends in grief about her. She has a great deal of knowledge about grief after having several losses in her life, and her insights have helped me look at the many challenges I am facing in a new light. The one-on-one calls with Ashley are amazing, as are all the groups she leads. I have attended a few of them and look forward to attending more." -Friendships in Grief Member

Live Meetings:

The live, virtual meetings run between 60-90 minutes. We host several at different times. There are also pop-up meetings that occur throughout the month. Gatherings aren’t recorded to protect your privacy.* Please see the times below. 

virtual sibling loss grief group

Open to Any Loss
Special Live Pop Ups

Times Vary
(These sessions are recorded)

Open to Any Loss
Tuesdays Bi-Weekly

6:00 pm PST
9:00 pm EST
12 pm AEDT (Thursdays in Australia)

Sibling Loss
3rd Wednesday of Each Month

6 pm PST
7 pm MST
9 pm EST

Widowed Loss
2nd Wednesday of Each Month

5 pm PST
6 pm MST
8 pm EST

I recall the sleepless nights and the bubbling anger. There were times I wondered if I wasn’t “sad enough.”
I wasn’t excited to live and no one seemed to understand.

My name is Ashley, and I’m a multiple loss survivor. The earth shattered when my two soulmates died, and afterward, I buried friends and family.

Going through loss gave me a realistic, first-hand experience of surviving someone’s death. I gained insight and coping skills to integrate grief alongside life through it. I then guided other grieving hearts individually and in groups. Over time, they gained ease and felt supported.

That’s why this community is important. When grief goes unattended, we risk losing more long-term: our desire to live, the ability to make sound choices, and the desire to dream.

Getting the care you need allows you to live life again as you carry their memory and love with you.

What happens when I join the group?

You get the live, virtual meetings plus:

Receive Coping Help

The Coping Toolbox: Weekly guidance, videos, and more to help you feel ease

Friends Who Understand

Friendships with Grievers: People who listen to you and mention your person's name

App and Desktop

Get away from Facebook and Instagram. No ads but plenty of privacy and safety.

When You Get Useful Support
It Makes a Difference

Grief Group Testimonial
Grief Groups Work
Grief Group
“About a week before the one-year anniversary, I found the account @LearningAboutGrief. Ashley offered an online grief group that I decided to check out and join. It really helped me, and Ashley has been a huge supporter this last year. I can’t thank her enough."

How It Works

Sign Up

You join the community. Once you do, you can book a private session with Ashley (optional). You'll also get immediate access to the online platform where you'll find coping skills. You can chat with others too.

Get Coping Help

Participate in our live, monthly gatherings. It's a valuable opportunity to meet other grieving hearts while getting support that actually works.

Feel Ease

Feel more at peace as you continue building friendships. Get coping tools you can use for a lifetime.

MONTHLY - All Access Pass

$ 27
  • Loss-specific groups
  • People who understand your loss
  • Exclusive Coping Tools, Videos, and Articles
  • Desktop and Phone App to Stay Connected
  • Live, Monthly Group Sessions
  • Private 30-Minute Call
“About a week before the one-year anniversary, I found the account @LearningAboutGrief. Ashley offered an online grief group that I decided to check out and join. It really helped me at that point, and I became Instagram friends with her. She has been such a huge supporter this last year, and I can’t think her enough. If you are on a grief journey yourself, I would definitely check out her website and follow her on Instagram.”
Family loss survivor


About the group:

Death doesn’t discriminate and neither do we. Regardless of how much time has passed, if you’re grieving the death of someone, we welcome you.

Yes, the group is designed so that you can meet people who share a loss similar to yours and connect with other survivors too.

How to participate:

No. We’d love to have you live, but it isn’t required. Many grievers within our group find it supportive in other ways. You can chat online in groups or privately one-to-one. 

The live sessions are 60-minutes long. The virtual chat group is available to you at any time.

To protect your privacy, sessions are not recorded.

Assistance and Support:

Ashley responds directly to members in the group and live sessions. If you’d like private, one-on-one support, please consider book a grief guide session.

Yes, people from around the world join our community.

No refunds are processed at this time. 

Please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help you.

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