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Many grief coaches sign up to help those in bereavement because they understand the hardships of loss. Yet, sometimes they struggle with getting ongoing support to care for themselves and their businesses or passion. 

Because of this, they undervalue their worth when charging, question if they have enough experience, and wonder how to market themselves without seeming manipulative. This leads to confusion, frustration, feeling stuck, and not having the impact they wanted.

Grief Coaches NetworkTM offers guidance specifically for non-mental health professionals. You’ll learn how to care for yourself, your business, and advance your clients’ and peers’ experience. 

Whether you’re a grief coach, educator, death doula, or peer-to-peer support, you belong here. You became a coach to help people feel comforted. Now let’s help you get the tools and confidence to thrive.

What do grief coaches charge?
Where do you find clients and opportunities?

Please complete the questionnaire below. In a few months, we’ll email you the full report, for free, so you can see what the norms are.

The Faces Behind the Network


Katie Greer began her intimate walk with grief after the death of her four-year-old daughter. As an unbeknownst member of the grief-illiterate culture, Katie hoped that with time and distraction, the discomfort of grief would lessen. As she discovered helpful grieving practices, Katie embraced her grief, and her mission to support others in grief became clear.

Throughout life, Katie often found herself in helper roles. With an empathetic nature and a passion for science, she devoted ten years in cardiac rehabilitation and outpatient cardiology. As an exercise physiologist and trained dancer, Katie’s appreciation for movement guided her into various teaching roles in the Pacific Northwest.

Working with the heart physiologically, Katie saw the importance of addressing the heart emotionally and became a certified grief specialist, founding the Satellight Project. Her practice allows clients to verbalize emotions in a peer-to-peer setting while guiding them through the interwoven awareness of how their body responds to grief. She offers one-to-one sessions, support groups, and education for parents and educators supporting grieving children. 

Ashley Olivia Nelson became a two-time widow in her twenties. She said goodbye to ten other relatives and friends between those losses. These experiences gave her deep insight into our broken grief culture and led her to become a certified grief specialist. 

However, before offering grief services, she worked in the health industry for seven years. She later opened a marketing and communications business that landed her and her clients features in Shape, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, University of Cambridge, Berkeley University of California, NPR’s Next Avenue, Marie Claire, PopSugar, Philadelphia’s G-Town Radio 92.9 FM, and more. From TEDx speakers to solopreneurs, Ashley specialized in consulting clients on creating and growing their marketing plans.

Today, she leads her organization, Learning About Grief, which provides loss-specific groups, one-to-one grief sessions, and free education. The organization hosts a community of over 20,000 people from 50+ countries. You can find her on

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