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Feel like you've outgrown the grief talks that focus on the initial months or years?

So much of the info around grief centers on those early days without them, but what about navigating after that? You’ve survived the first holidays, lived through the significant dates, and people “not getting it” doesn’t surprise you as much.

A lot is missing for those of us who no longer identify with the raw, early days of loss. I like to call it the “messy middle.” You’re not stumbling through the fog anymore, but you’re not exactly “living again.”

You need support to figure out year two, three, and beyond . . .

Grief 2.0 covers this for you. It’s not about those pep talks on Surviving the Firsts because you’ve been there. It’s more like: 

  • How do I build trust again — with myself and others?
  • How do I be realistic about being hopeful?
  • What does rebuilding my life look like?

I’ve been there, and after realizing that grief isn’t just a brief storm but an ongoing journey, I craved more guidance.

That’s why we’re diving deep into adjusting to this next version of ourselves. You’ll find stories on “How I Built My Life After Loss” and forging connections in the unexpected like “What if I don’t think of them as much anymore?”

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