Friendships in Grief is a judgement-free zone. Have your grief seen, heard, and embraced by those who understand loss.

When you need a listening ear, friends and family aren’t always helpful.When you need a listening ear, friends and family aren’t always helpful.
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When you need a listening ear, friends and family aren’t always helpful. This makes grief feel lonely and isolating. And because culture questions why you’re “still sad,” finding support isn’t easy. This often makes grievers believe they’re “grieving wrong” or feel their loss is forgotten.

Confusing, isn’t it? It’s natural to go through grief. Yet, many don’t understand life after loss.

But we do. I’m a two-time widow. My world shattered when my soulmates died and after them, I buried other friends and family too. 

Having these experience taught me the challenges of going through grief: the aloneness, losing important friendships, feeling like a part of me died, and wondering if these emotions would ever end.

It was tough. I had hard nights of crying, other times wondering why I wasn’t “sad enough,” and wasn’t excited to live. However, I gradually found myself integrating grief alongside my new life after loss. It wasn’t the life I thought I would’ve had, but it’s one I’m grateful to live. I’m able to enjoy life again now, and I still feel deeply connected to my loved ones. Because of this, I’ve helped others do the same.

At Friendships in Grief, your loss has a home. And it isn’t subject to everyone else’s opinions. We believe:

I invite you to join our community for six weeks. You’ll be part of a weekly, live group to:

What’s included?

How to Join

So, bring your tears, your confusion, the guilt and anger. We’re not afraid of grief, and we’re here to acknowledge yours.


Most frequently asked questions with answers

Death doesn’t discriminate and neither do we. If you’re grieving the loss of someone, you’re welcome to join our group.

A maximum of 8-10 people are in each group to keep intimate and to allow your grief to be seen.

The live sessions are 60-minutes long and held for 6 weeks. The virtual, online group is available 24/7 in between then.

Of course! Before we begin to do any grief guidance sessions, you and I will have a 15-minute chat and at no cost to you. We can determine if we’re a good fit for each other.

To keep the group private and confidential, sessions are not recorded.

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