When it comes to grief, receiving a ton of information can feel overwhelming. Social media is often a helpful go-to resource to connect with others, feel validated in our loss, and learn about grief. 

Here are a few Instagram accounts we recommend checking out and following as you navigate this challenging journey.

End Well Project | @endwellproject

End Well Project is a registered nonprofit founded by TedX health podcast host and medical professional Shoshana Ungerleider, MD. The organization says its mission is to “transform the end of life, caregiving, and grief into a human-centered experience.” The account is known for its moving yet relatable stories on love, loss, and approaching the end of life.

Mark Lemon | @marklemonofficial

Writer and podcaster Lemon shares grief education and beautifully expresses the journey of love and loss. A parent loss survivor, he offers pieces of his story and beyond to help those grieving feel less alone.

Her Name Is Grief | @hernameisgrief

This account shares original quotes on the pain, frustrations, and day-to-day emotions many people surviving loss experience.

What’s Your Grief | @whatsyourgrief

This account is operated by two mental health therapists who specialize in grief. If you want to follow people in the field who can provide psychological insight, this is a worthy follow.

Grief Shine | @GriefShine

Alexa offers help to the bereaved and their supporting friends and family. She speaks of what it feels like to experience loss and provides suggestions on how others can be of comfort.

Heather | @wellnessandgrief

A bereaved, stillbirth mother, Heather has shared her journey through loss. As a certified holistic health coach, she adds ways to maintain good health and fitness — even in loss — and is a source of education for those in bereavement. A few summers ago, Heather led a grief group book for anyone who has experienced loss, and it proved to be beneficial to so many in our community.

Learning About Grief | @learningaboutgrief

Of course, we hope that you follow us on Instagram. The page offers support for those grieving, regardless of how long, and provides useful suggestions for coping with loss.

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