While our organization is not a nonprofit and, therefore, isn’t required to publish an impact report, we are doing so to help serve the grief community.

Whoever said that surviving death has to be 100% of a lonely journey? I’ll admit there isn’t a ton of guidance out there, however…

As a member of our community, did you know about all the support available to you through Learning About Grief this year?

In 2022, Learning About Grief supported:

  • A grieving community of 22,830 people
  • Sent 548 individual emails to grieving hearts the week of and the day of their loved one’s death anniversary *Free service
  • Supported 216 grieving hearts in our intimate Grief Gatherings
  • Established 5 loss-specific groups

For Financial Accessibility:

  • Offered 23 discounted rates for services to help grief support
  • Gifted 15 free 30- to 45-minute calls for individual support
  • 6 grief group gathering scholarships
  • 3 free grief group gatherings
  • Offered Grief Notes, loss-specific coping support, to over 1,000 people *Free service

Free collaborations with mental health and grief professionals for continued accessibility:

  • Elena Lister, MD – associate professor of clinical psychiatry at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center and senior consulting analyst for grief at Columbia University Psychoanalytic Center
  • Michael Schwartzman, PhD, ABPP – a senior psychologist and board-certified psychoanalyst, has worked with children, adolescents, adults, and families for over forty years. In addition to his private practice, Dr. Schwartzman is the consulting psychologist at two independent schools for children. He also lectures regularly to parents and professional colleagues on child development, parenting, and school-related issues.
  • Kara Bowman, LMFT, CT, CCTP, C-GC – licensed marriage and family therapist with advanced certifications in grief counseling, trauma, non-violent communication, and thanatology (the study of death and dying).
  • Katie Greer – Trained medical professional in physiology and certified grief recovery specialist who specializes in child loss
  • Andrea A. Moore, PCLC – certified grief and life coach and author specializing in bereaved sibling loss
  • Kim from Travel & Balance Yoga – a 200-hour certified yoga instructor who is a certified grief educator and completed a 100-hour grief yoga program.

Had appearances on:

  • Grief Club the Podcast – with Addison Brasil
  • G-Town Radio Philadelphia Station 92.9 FM
  • Widow We Do Now Podcast
  • The Death Dialogues Project
  • The Transforming Love Show
  • *All appearances are a free service

To continue giving you proper grief support, I furthered my education by enrolling in additional professional training:

  • De-Pathologizing Grief – with the Central Oregon Association of Psychologists
  • Grief of Traumatic Loss – with Litsa Williams, MA, LCSW
  • Death Doula Program – with Going with Grace

Volunteerism for Free Grief Groups

I sat on the board of Community Grief Support, a U.S.-based nonprofit in Alabama. There, I offered support for writing, communications, and fundraising. The money enabled local individuals to receive free group and private in-person sessions.

(All this said, it doesn’t include private email conversations, free website resources, social media comments and DMs, mailed shipments, and private grief sessions. You’re really loved.)

I hope you know there are many of us who care about you, your loss, and what you’re going through. Yes, grief is a lonely experience, and no one can completely fill the hole felt in your life. And yet, when you walk through Learning About Grief’s doors, you will find care, comfort, and love.

When you walk through Learning About Grief’s doors, you will find care, comfort, and love.

At Learning About Grief, we know that no one should have to journey through grief in silence. There is enough empathy and kindness for your grief to feel seen. That’s why I work hard on your behalf: because when you receive the care you deserve, death’s impact is normalized, and you can find safety. I believe everyone can experience relief and peace after loss. I’m determined to help you get there as long as you’ll have me.

Thank you for the honor of letting me take this intimate passage of grief with you. May your life and grief be held in reverence so that you’re seen when you need acknowledgment and given the safety to voice the truth of your unique experience.

With Tender Love,

Ashley Olivia Nelson

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