Be Heard

The Listening Ear You've Always Wanted
(Without the Judgments, Opinions, and Criticisms)

Have you ever felt pressured to be strong, move on, or be better by now? Yeah, me too. Sadly, people don't get it. Countless unseen details are thrown at you after loss. Having that invalidated and misunderstood by others makes it difficult to trust them with your true feelings, too.

This often results in self-isolation, anxiety, and loneliness. And because loss strips away your sense of safety and security, it shatters your illusion of certainty. So when no one seems to understand what you're going through, it's easy to feel "stuck" and hopeless.

That's where Be Heard comes in. It's a unique form of grief support beyond your usual options. Our mission is simple: to provide you with a compassionate and non-judgmental listening ear, so you can express your emotions freely and find comfort in being heard.

The bonus? You get support when you need it, and you get to pay according to
how your budget says you can afford.

Many of us have felt deeply unseen and misunderstood. I learned this as a childhood trauma survivor and then, through multiple death losses...

There are endless mental and emotional pieces of yourself no one has known about: from feeling different and not belonging, to shrinking who you are, carrying guilt and shame, experiencing sleep disturbances and lack of concentration, and eventually, learning to “put up with” suffering and loneliness.

There is little that grief doesn’t touch. And after a loss, it might feel like all the pains of your past are colliding with the pains of your present. The weight is unbearable and all-consuming.

Facing it doesn’t feel safe. You’re afraid it’ll be too much. You’ve dealt with a lot, and now you’re exhausted. You don’t feel ready to accept this. Right now, you want someone to listen. Someone who can shake their head and say, “I get what you mean, I went through that too.” 

You’re not crazy for wanting to be seen and understood. I know this because not only is it normal, I experienced too. Grief and l are well acquainted.

That’s why I’m here to support you. Since 2013, I’ve been working with the grief community. And as your grief specialist, you’ll have the combination of working with a trained professional who truly gets it.

You’ll receive the reassurance, comfort, and safety you’ve longed for.

Testimonials from
Working with Ashley

"Calm My Nervous System"

I'm truly grateful to Ashley and her sessions. I was lost after my husband died and therapy was not helping. Her experience with grief and loss of her persons as well as her vast knowledge on how to navigate through grief, deal with the trauma, and calm my nervous system. It was exactly what I needed to get through my first year of grief.

"Feel Truly Seen"

While I'm fully aware grief is a solo journey, I can't thank Learning About Grief enough for the unwavering support, safety, and community provided. You've made me feel truly seen and that I matter in this period of personal loss.

"Helpful with Ups and Downs"

Learning About Grief is a helpful tool in navigating through the inconsistent ups and downs of your grief journey. Normalization and validation is a must during the grieving process, and it is not felt enough. I highly recommend Ashley.

"Tools for Navigating Everyday Life"

I knew I wanted to speak to a grief specialist at some point. I happened to come across Ashley’s IG account and was immediately drawn to it. It was warm, welcoming, and I related to a lot of the content. I knew I wanted her to guide me in my journey. She has given me many tools and resources to help navigate everyday life while carrying around grief. I will forever be grateful for her. Thank you Ashley!

"Helpful When I Was Low"

This was helpful to me when I was very low, surrounded by tons of family and friends, but not able to tell them what I needed. Ashley has been a huge supporter, and I can't thank her enough.

"Working with Ashley Helps"

I joined a grief share group and also went to a therapist. The grief share group was helpful, but the therapist was not. I've found working with Ashley helps me more than grief share and therapy.

"Don't blame myself"

I thank the universe for bringing me here. I was so lost in my feelings and comprehension. Now, I do not blame myself for this, and am learning so much through the process. Thanks for educating this community responsibly, and with love and consciousness.

"Not Being Alone"

This has brought reassurance to me since I lost one of my parents. It has brought me comfort, and a sense of not being alone. I'm realizing that my feelings and emotions are completely valuable and normal. I really needed some support, and you gave it to me. You have no idea how much a difference you are making in people's lives. ~Em

"Facing a New Light"

I have also told several friends in grief about Ashley. She has a great deal of knowledge about grief after having several losses in her life, and her insights have helped me look at the many challenges I am facing in a new light. The one-on-one calls with Ashley are amazing.

Ashley O. Nelson

became a two-time widow before the age of 35. She said goodbye to ten other relatives and friends in between those losses. 

These deaths, alongside her 10-year career in the health and deathcare industry, gave her deep insight into life after loss. Today, as a certified grief specialist, she leads Learning About Grief. 

The organization offers loss-specific groups, one-to-one private grief sessions, and free education to over 25,000 people from 50+ countries. 

What's offered in Be Heard?

Deep Understanding

Be Heard doesn't aim to "fix" or "heal" you. Instead, you get a safe space to express and hold your loss.

Flexibility to Match Your Grief

Schedule sessions according to your needs, whether that involves multiple in a week or spacing them out over the 3-month period.

No Financial Stress

Offers a one-time payment or multiple payment plan options to accommodate your various financial situations.

If you want the comfort of having
someone who will sit with you
and listen, and genuinely gets it,
then Be Heard is for you.


Be Heard offers more than guidance—it creates an intimate, two-way bond where you build togetherness with someone who authentically understands your grief.

Being Seen & Heard

Every emotion is welcome. No story is too much. You're free to cry, vent, laugh, and pour out your heart. Share your frustrations and talk to someone


Choose between free-flowing sessions or structured themes for a more guided approach. You determine what's best.

Ok, so how's it work?

Sign Up

Once you decide Be Heard is for you, sign up. You can choose how you pay, too: everything at once, or in increments that are affordable for you.

Book Your Call

You have 12 Be Heard sessions to use within 3 months. Whether you need support twice in a week, once a week, or here and there, it's all up to you. Schedule your calls when you need them. There's also weekend availability.

Feel Ease

Feel more at peace as your grief is cared for and nurtured. Experience the relief of knowing when you need support, it's available for you.

At this time, Ashley only has availability on
Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Only $83 Per Session

$ 997
  • Twelve 45-Minute Private Empathetic Sessions
  • Book as often as you need within 3 months
  • Pay as you can afford plans
  • Bonus: membership to online support groups
  • Bonus: platform for grief support videos
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