You know there aren't "bright sides" when someone dies.

We do too. Get useful grief support and guidance in a community that understands.
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Grief is a normal human experience. So why does it feel like no one understands you?

Many people surviving a loved one’s death aren’t sure how to live without them. While that’s a normal response to grief, we often struggle with it. I know I did. 

We’re often told to “move on” and “don’t be sad.” This wasn’t helpful when my soulmates and other loved ones died. Instead, it deepened the pain and felt isolating.

That’s why Learning About Grief is a place of education and comfort. It gives those grieving a place to be seen and valued while providing guidance to those supporting someone through loss. 

No one should have to journey grief completely alone. We believe there is enough empathy and kindness for everyone to feel supported.

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Grief is hard. We make getting support easy.

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I want to join a grief group.
Join a community of grievers who can meaningfully connect with you through live and digital support.
I'm looking for grief education or to help someone.

Get useful suggestions for supporting a person who's grieving, and learn more about surviving someone's death.

I want to speak to someone privately about loss.
Having a dedicated space to safely talk about grief and loss is supportive. Consider getting gentle and comforting guidance as you journey through grief.

How Support Helps

"It helps to know what I’m feeling is common in grief. That it’s ok to create strong boundaries over what is acceptable in my life now, and what I feel is perfectly normal. I don’t take on others' grief guilt as my own."
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Katrina, Widow
"Although I've just found Learning About Grief, the correspondence I've received so far has been both timely and genuine. It has been comforting to have my feelings validated and normalized through the content that is shared."
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Sarah, Parent Loss
Texas, USA
"We live in a society where grief is not normalized, Learning About Grief has helped me feel like I’m not alone. Not only that, it’s comforting to find people you can relate to."
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Serena, Unmarried Widow
Nevada, USA

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