Article Submission Guidelines

Thank you for being so interested in contributing an article to Learning About Grief. Learning About Grief reserves the right not to publish an article if the submission is not aligned with our purpose. View current listings of Learning About Grief Public Article Posts. To submit an article, please email your article topic proposal. This increases your opportunity to be published.

Word Count:

  1. We generally accept longer submissions up to 2,000 words and generally no less than 700 words.
  2. While we’ll edit your article for grammar and clarity, please self-edit your piece before sending it to us.

Tone and Content:

Your article should either:

  • Content should recount your grief experience in a way to help the reader feel seen, heard, validated, or understand the griever’s journey

– or –

  • Provide insight and educate the reader on grief, death and dying, or loss.

We welcome conversational writing. (You’re allowed to write like you speak and be a bit informal.) Because most readers are dealing with grief, we try to keep the writing clear and easy to read. We encourage short sentences and paragraphs. Bulleting key points and information is helpful for readers.

We encourage authors to offer 2-3 suggestions to cope with or handle your writing topic.

Include a proposed title. However, it may be subject to change if we feel another title will increase your article’s engagement. Should we change the title, we’ll let you know before it’s published.

Your Byline:

  1. Please provide a current 150-word maximum author bio. Learning About Grief will not publish the article if this isn’t included.
  2. Include a link(s)to an affiliated website (i.e., your practice, company, website, social media, etc.)

Publishing Rights and Compensation:

Once published, we invite you to share your article and link to it from your website.

  1. The publication of all article posts is at the sole discretion of Learning About Grief. Learning About Grief will decide whether to publish the post and determine the publication date. Once published, the article post is the property of Learning About Grief. 
  2. Learning About Grief can publish and share the article post in any manner its chooses and on any media/social media site its chooses (now and in the future).
  3. The article’s author agrees and warrants that the piece is original and has not previously been published on another site.
  4. It is understood that no compensation is provided for articles and that Learning About Grief is not charging readers to access your article.

Community Feedback:

All articles are published on Learning About Grief’s website, and comments are allowed. Learning About Grief monitors these comments to ensure that they are supportive. 

We delete any remarks that are harmful to the author and our community. Grief is hard enough. We don’t want anyone being insulted, diminished, or attacked. All article posts are also shared on Learning About Grief’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), inside our grief group, and highlighted in Grief Notes, our free e-newsletter. We generally share articles several times.


If you have any questions, please email us through our website form. Thank you for considering sharing your story with the grief community and us. We appreciate you!g

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